The Original Dollie Trollie Custom Dance Bag is a Dance Mom's innovative idea inspired by her daughter’s love for Dance.

Dance Moms everywhere will know that preparing for competitions and festivals can be pretty stressful!  In my experience nothing is where you thought you remembered  storing it, (that’s if you had somewhere to store it in the first place) and when you do find it, it either needs laundering, pressing, repairing (or all of the above), or it just plain doesn’t fit!  Once you’ve exhausted yourself contending with all of those issues, you then have to find a way of carrying and transporting everything from needle and cotton and make-up, to shoes, costumes and packed lunches from one place to another.

Loading the car up with costumes on hangers, dance shoes in back packs, lunch boxes and make up bags and then either attempting to unload and carry everything in one trip at the other end, (without dropping anything on the way), whilst trying to handle my baby (now a toddler) was an absolute impossibility! My only solution was to make as many trips as required to and from the car (with my baby still tucked under my arm), until the task was complete.  

Once everything was where it needed to be the next challenge ensued, “where do I put everything now”?  There’s nowhere to hang the costumes (unless you’re there early enough to lay claim to one of the few window latches available), then trying to remember where you’ve put the right shoes, socks and hair accessories for the next dance was an absolute nightmare – and of course it didn’t stop there – oh no, when it was all over – guess what? We had to go through the whole process all over again!

It was this whole comedy of errors that prompted me to find a way of transporting “everything” in onesimple, easy motion – and so the very first “Dollie Trollie” was created!

Dollie Trollie made it’s debut appearance when it accompanied us to it’s first Dance Festival, it was then that I realised that I had actually created something that other people wanted! – Until that moment, I had never in my wildest dreams even considered this creation would ever develop into the business it has become.